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Training & Simulations

We have had the privilege of working with extraordinary organisations, institutions and communities in the UK, the Middle East, Western Balkans, North, Central, South and East Africa, the Sahel region, as well as Central and South Asia and Oceania.

We focus on the development of transferrable skills through experiential learning and methods that are entirely participatory to facilitate readiness, resilience and innovation in crisis.


We have facilitated face-to-face, digital and hybrid trainings, workshops, simulations, large scale events, mediations, capacity building sessions, strategy retreats and strategic implementations, change management and design thinking processes for groups that include:

  • Experienced and emerging leaders

  • Cross functional, crisis, and emergency teams

  • Cross-cultural teams

  • Local government representatives

  • Youth and youth groups

  • People with disabilities

  • Activists

  • Indigenous populations

  • Students


We offer the following courses, each of which can be taken individually or collectively leading to a Certificate in Human-Centric Crisis Management:

Part I - fundamentals


  • Fundamental human dynamics
  • Self-clarification and Reflection
  • Facilitation


  • Fundamentals of communication psychology
  • Internal communication strategies
  • Trust-building and relationship management


RESOURCE-bASEd organisational resilience (1 DAY)

  • Resource inventory
  • Core pillars of resilience
  • Uncover your own resilience


  • Introduction to habitual learning
  • The 8 core habits to build habitual readiness
  • Developing specific habits

Part III - application

systemic crisis analysis (1 DAY)

  • Systemic thinking
  • Mapping stakeholders and actors
  • Problem definition
  • Zone of leverage

confident decision-making (1 DAY)

  • Decision-making processes
  • Models for confident decision-making
  • Dealing with dilemmas

What clients say

'The training from The Crisis Compass was an outstanding experience in any aspect. Drawing on their own operational and facilitation experience, Thomas and Anisa comprehensively informed participants as part of a broader and thoroughly designed interactive course concept. The Crisis Compass surpassed expectations.' ​
SS, Academy of Humanitarian Action
'Great training and very relevant for my work. I loved the whole structure, your approach, and how you opened for discussions. Really great peer support too.'
HL, Plan International Germany
'Inclusive, free, very good ambiance. Inclusion of participants great! I was so worried about it being three full days online, but it was pretty hard to be bored. I expected something completely different and very pleasantly surprised. One of the best experience with online courses out there.'​
- JS, Action Medeor
'My mind was very engaged and alert all day. I did not know what to expect and under pressure is one of the best ways how I learn. Loved every part of it.' ​
- EH, African Women for Empowerment
'We learned so much today through building trust ourselves in our groups. The biggest surprise of the day for me was on framing and framing communications.'​
'You widened my perspectives. I feel like I learned something after 20 years in international development. Very accommodating environment despite us coming from different contexts and countries.'
- AB, Karl Kubel Stiftung
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