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Our international team of experts has varied global experience in cross-sectoral crisis management in 40 countries. We support leaders and organisations take confident decisions in pressured situations combining structural preparedness, strategic communication, and mental flexibility with an international network and partnership capabilities for pivoting after crisis.

thomas lahnthaler


TL photo.jpeg


Thomas is an experienced international crisis leader, mediator, mentor, facilitator, and speaker.


His crisis management expertise spans over two decades and 23 countries where he led crisis teams in conflict and disaster contexts responding to some of the most complex emergencies of our time.


He advises business leaders and teams on all aspects of crisis preparedness and response, and has a passion for developing simulated and game-based solutions for effective and interactive learning.


Thomas has lectured on humanitarian leadership and leadership in crisis and speaks German, English, Norwegian, and French. He is creator and CEO of The Crisis Compass and not afraid to say it like it is.

Anisa goshi




Anisa has 12 years cross-industry experience in the legal, health, humanitarian, and management consulting sectors working with independent businesses and organisations across 15 countries.


Her expertise spans communications, external, media and stakeholder relations, as well as project and strategic relationship management including for UN agencies, corporate businesses, and citizen grassroots organisations.


Anisa is fluent in English, Italian, and Albanian with proficiency in German and Spanish. She is co-creator and chief chaser (otherwise known as COO) at The Crisis Compass.

Emma Jackson

Emma is a people operations expert and HR leader.


She has over 20 years experience advising boards and senior teams translate organisational strategy into operational reality for some of the world’s leading organisations such as Google, IQVIA, and the Red Cross.


Her industry expertise across the entire candidate and employee life cycle further includes renewable energy, recruitment agencies, and tech start-ups.


From scaling up people operations for fast growth companies to recruiting and coordinating global teams for complex crises, Emma’s experience spans all five continents and is rooted in evidence-based performance management. She operates in English and Norwegian.

julia stefani

Julia is a product and engineering leader with over 12 years cross-industry expertise in e-commerce, payments, investments and social media.

She has spent the majority of her career in Silicon Valley leading teams and product development across the US, Europe and Asia for Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Facebook and currently leads SoFi's growth for the Invest product line.

Thomas kayer

Thomas is a sports psychologist, expert on mindfulness and resilience, and CEO of Groundwork GmbH.

As one of the most experienced and well-known sports psychologists in Austria, he has been working for over 15 years with world-class athletes, teams and coaches to achieve maximum performance. He uses this experience to coach top-level managers, senior executives and teams across different business sectors.


Over the last decade, Thomas has assisted clients in managing crises through the use of mental techniques including mental flexibility and self regulation, which have their origin in high performance sports.

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