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HOLISTIC Crisis Management

We provide tailored support for your crisis.

We help you develop a holistic crisis

management strategy.

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our different services

Business Continuity Strategies


The priority for a business is to keep its lifeline intact. We provide you expert advice on how to maintain relationships with clients, manage stakeholders and build an effective internal structure that saves resources and distributes work effectively. We help you identify the most urgent problems that need to be addressed in order to regain control over the situation.

Multi-Stakeholder Communications


​During a crisis you will have to manage a multitude of stakeholders. However, the first and most important thing is internal communications. We guide you to ensure that your communications create trust and motivate for a collective effort to face the critical situation. We support you to develop strategies to communicate with all stakeholders internally and externally allowing you to control your story.

Efficient Resource Management

Everything is a resource during a crisis and what you have is more than enough to manage one. We help you identify your hidden resources thereby expanding your options, with a special focus on your biggest assets, your employees. It is crucial to develop HR strategies that are flexible and allow for quickly changing situations, but which will also serve you in the aftermath. We provide tailored guidance for their set-up and effective implementation whilst also placing a focus on mental health.​


Innovative Solutions

​Global studies show that 74% of companies that invest in innovation during a crisis are better positioned than before. We help you to use your crisis advantageously by facilitating innovation in your company based on our own model, the Decision Navigator TM, and our toolbox with a selection of world-class global process tools. This allows you to get in control of the crisis and reinvent you business for your benefit.

Adaptive Learning


​Learning remains one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Most companies learn only in the aftermath of an event and struggle to implement the learning effectively. We work with you to set up structures that assist you and your team learn in real-time during a crisis and help you apply your insights immediately to adapt your management.

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