Crisis management needs reinvention

  • Confident decisions remain a challenge for every leader

  • Resource and energy is continuously wasted

  • Internal communication strategies are neglected

  • The opportunity for reinvention and innovation is underused

  • Gathering and processing complex information to take control over the situation feels overwhelming

welcome to the crisis compass


  • A new model​

  • An innovative mindset

  • A practical business method

We promote resource-led crisis management with the mindset of an explorer to discover new paths.


Our approach is designed to help you navigate the unknown that lies beyond a crisis focusing on your strengths rather than the insecurities and assumptions.

Its elements help guide your organisation and decision-making in crisis management by focusing on what you know and can influence.​​​

five steps to manage your crisis proactively

  1. Systemic context analysis and crisis profiling

  2. Concrete problem definition

  3. Resource and capacity mapping

  4. Creating an opportunities spectrum

  5. Enabling confident decision-making



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